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  • We listen. to the next generation of diamantaires and members of the diamond jewellery trade, whichever organization or segment they are part of. We provide a platform for free discussions on various topics relevant to our industry.
  • We create. ideas and nurture them within the group, appreciating the value and independent opinion of the other; and ever learning. We expand this network of people and ideas, participating in events and engaging with like-minded people, for mutual improvement.
  • We build. relationships and participate within the group and its members; and towards industry stakeholders and trade organizations. As part of that, we encourage our participants to become members of the WFDB and take part in the ongoing diamond industry’s dialogue, cultivating a path into leadership roles and equal opportunities across genders and nationalities.
  • We are net positive. expressing our views to ever improve the diamond landscape, doing so in a constructive way. That said, we welcome all different views. In this positive spirit, we support important projects where our group can contribute and make a change in the lives of various participants of the diamond ecosystem. We respect our members, outside entities and industry stakeholders and communicate under this rule. We communicate bilaterally within the group. We are participants, read and contribute; and we network this way too, creating ways of connection which are welcome by both sides.