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About Us

The Young Diamantaires project was launched in 2016 at the 37th World Diamond Congress in Dubai as a discussion group.  With now over 300 diamond industry members from all around the world and a number of chapters around the world, we represent the future generations of the diamond industry. Our members come from many different cultures and backgrounds but share a common interest in diamonds as our primary source of income.

The Redefining the Next Generation

The overwhelming response from around the world has shown us that this initiative was long overdue.  Young Diamantaires from all the major diamond centres have identified a need to communicate with each other taking on challenges and leading the trade into the future with an aim to redefine our industry for generations to come.

about young diamantaires
Rami Baron, Founder Young Diamantaires


Our Why

The initiative was conceptualised by Rami Baron, a third generation family jeweller, Executive member of the WFDB, Chairman of the Promotions committee of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and President of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia.

Rami identified a need to create a medium and ultimately a platform for the next generation of diamantaires to communicate their ideas, passion and inspiration that our industry needs to bring us into the new century. 

"My goal is to challenge our thinking as an industry. We are facing the most difficult times in 100 years . Today we must look to inspire the next generation and not encumber them with our fears and past failures. In the greatest adversity comes opportunity, by accepting that all the premises that we base our decisions on can and must be challenged, the door is open to empowering women, embracing technology , and understanding that only when we look after our those around us and our environment will we once again find the quality of life and business that we all hope to achieve."

Beautiful Message From De Beers

Congratulations to the Young Diamantaires on the launch of their website. I commend them for their vision and desire to change and set the narrative around our industry straight to both that operate in our industry and to those who are outside it; especially our consumers whose demands have progressed from: “Tell me what you do for the environment and your host communities” to “Show me what you do to protect the environment and what you do to add value to your host communities”. As diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love, commitment, achievement and self-expression, we all have a role to play to ensure that every diamond is ethically sourced, that fundamental human rights are not infringed in how we mine each carat and as the rough diamonds we mine and sell continue their journey in the diamond pipeline globally. Furthermore, responsible sourcing is also about developing communities, giving opportunities that wouldn’t necessarily have been available otherwise. Diamonds are a source of good and positive stories and we want to get out there; tell; share and demonstrate these stories. We at De Beers Group are proud of what we do for the communities in which we operate and I am particularly pleased that we were able to demonstrate this to your members when they visited our only remaining mine in South Africa - Venetia Mine in Limpopo Province. I am looking forward to working in partnership with the Young Diamantaires. Together we have the opportunity to shape the future of the industry that all of us are so passionate about.


Senior Vice-President
De Beers Group, South Africa

Powerful Platform

To provide a platform where discussion can take place on topics relevant to our industry in a respectful manner and without judgement.

Connecting People

To provide and expand our networks worldwide and participate in events to personally meet and engage with like-minded people and look to find ways to both improve our businesses and theirs.

Equal Opportunities

Begin to cultivate a path into leadership roles within the WFDB. One which fosters the goal of women playing an equally prominent role in our industry.

Positive Impact

To support several important projects that we, as a group, can sponsor and contribute too and truly make a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate and who are part of our industry.

Our Mission

Young Diamantaires operate at the forefront of our industry.

Today, the Young Diamantaires bring together diamond professionals ( wholesalers, manufacturing and retail jewellers, diamond manufacturers, laboratories, trading platforms etc) under the age of 45yrs old into a respectful environment where they can exchange ideas, and share news about the industry and create a network for themselves from all over the world.

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