How Young Diamantaires Impacting Peoples Life.

The Young Diamantaires Project Committee objectives

We want to do more than just raise awareness or make noise. We want to actively show our commitment and unity as an industry which looks to find the areas within the diamond journey where we can make a difference.

Identifying Opportunity

Identify an environmental, social or desperate  situation which is related to or affected by the natural diamond pipeline

Initiating Solutions

Create a tangible and beneficial solution to the issue at hand, by creating a specific YD initiative which the group can support

Raising Funds

Actively pursue funding to enable us to action the plan setting clear achievable goals to measure success.

Monitoring Impact

Monitor the results and work with our partners to illustrate the tangible differences their contributions will and ultimately have made

The Renaissance School Project

The Renaissance School Fundraising  project is the culmination of a trip to South Africa by a group of 25 Young Diamantaires from around the world, who were invited by DeBeers to visit the Venetian mine in Messina and see  ecologically how DeBeers contributes to the region where it mines. The group saw firsthand the need to support other members of the diamond industry who are less fortunate then themselves  ,and recognise that it is their combined responsibility both now into the future to help improve the lives of those who are both directly and indirectly part of our industry. It was clear how so many in Massina the town where the school is situated rely both directly and indirectly on the Venetian mine which is owned by DeBeers.

The project which we are raising funds involves building two additional structures which will create both a library and a kitchen for the 1200 students at the school. Currently they do not possess either. The need to provide a young child a nutritional meal at the start of their day MUST BE a given. The very thought that several children will come to school without this basic necessity is reason enough to support this project.

Knowing that we can add a library which will enhance and enrich the lives of these children, is investing in their future.

We are determined to raise the necessary funds of 500,000 AUS dollars (US$ 350,000).

Of paramount importance is the knowledge that the money will be spent in the correct manner, and with all the necessary accountability attached. For this reason, the project would be managed by the DeBeers Foundation who have invested considerably in many projects to date, and in fact were instrumental in contributing considerable funds to expanding The Renaissance school as it has grown. One of our most exciting aspects of the project is that we know that all the costs associated with building, will be sourced locally, thereby contributing to the local population.

Those of you who choose to donate, will join us to improving the lives of the next generation In Africa. If you are doing this through your business we would be more than happy to discuss with you the way we can help promote your business and show the sort of contributions which you are making to improve the lives of others in the diamond industry.

Hi! My name is Tamara and I am the head of the fund-raising for our project renaissance school. One of our YD Chris has found a creative way to help raise fund. Check out this video below it may be something that could work for you too.

The Fund Raising Team

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